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We work directly with the county!

Good and bad credit scores have received a lot of recent media attention. It's no secret that many people have realized that their credit ratings are preventing them from achieving their financial goals. They can't buy a house, go to college, or even get a car because of their poor credit. When it comes to credit scores, what exactly is considered bad? Over the past decade or two, the words have altered significantly. People are having a lot harder time getting prime interest rates on loans since what used to be regarded as good has been downgraded to the fair category.

We are licensed and work directly with the county on assisting individuals in filing claims. We perform an audit on the county records and they provide us information and updates on statuses of claims.

Understanding the Process of Foreclosure

The county runs a foreclosure auction on your home due to unpaid taxes or mortgage in the event of a Tax Deed or Mortgage foreclosure. The sum of unpaid taxes or mortgage is the starting bid at this auction.

The majority of people are unaware that these homes typically sell for more than the initial bid, with any profit going to the prior owner.

Surplus notification letters are sent out by the county, but they are usually sent to the last address on file, so you are never notified.

Our role is to step in and help you file this claim; we deal directly with the county and can help you recover these cash.
Working with us has the advantage of charging no upfront fees and only receiving a finders fee if your claim is successful, so you have nothing to lose.

State Funds Unclaimed

Unclaimed state funds are money that has been neglected by individuals. This may seem unusual, yet many people are owed cash that have yet to be claimed. Bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, uncashed cheques, money orders, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, trust funds, royalties, and escrow accounts all end up in the state treasury if they go unclaimed. These institutions are expected to provide an annual report to the state treasury, and after a few years of unsuccessful contact, they must hand up the monies to the state.
We are licensed finders who work directly with the state and will assist you in submitting a claim to recover these cash.
We don't charge any upfront fees and handle all of your paperwork.

No Shows / No Sign Policy

NO SHOW: 1/2 of total consultation fee will be charged in the event of a no show. (30 minute grace period)

NO SIGN: Failure to sign on behalf of the signer will still be treated and invoiced as a full consultation fee. In the event signer does not fulfil the responsibility of signing, a courtesy call will be made to client to advise. 

Pen Runners LLC  is not  an attorneys or a law office; we are not licensed to practice law in Texas and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. Under the Texas Admin. Code 87.43, A Notary Public is prohibited by law to act in the capacity of an attorney, give advice in preparing legal documents, issue identification cards, distribute confidential information or perform any notarial act unless the signer is present.