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We are Kwaaijongens, a full service online marketing / internet agency that just

does something different from the neighbor. Our young and experienced online marketers have a fresh view on online marketing activities. What makes us unique as a marketing agency in North Brabant is that we are only too happy to share all our knowledge. Because why should we keep our knowledge and expertise to ourselves, when we can achieve so much more together? We are eager to combine our various online marketing services and your knowledge and ideas of your company!

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You can see our specialists as your bonus colleagues, because together we achieve the most.

'Together' typifies our method

Collaboration is a two-way street. For us as an internet marketing agency, this is also the starting point of a great collaboration. We can help you with a wide range of online marketing activities, but we need each other for this. Because you know your organization best!

We often start with a strategy meeting, in which the company’s core values, wishes and goals are clearly stated. We provide advice focused on your company and situation. Together we discuss the results every month and see if we are on the right track or if we should take a different direction within online marketing.

With us, no thick reports with figures, but a pleasant and transparent conversation in which we show what we have carried out, why and what the results are.

Do you want to tackle your online marketing properly and efficiently with a reliable online marketing company?

Cost of online marketing

We do not work with contracts, but with tailor-made online marketing. We will work with you on the basis of a predetermined number of hours. You can of course always flexibly increase or decrease this if the situation demands it or when we see opportunities. We will fulfill your needs as a company. Not sure what you need in the field of online marketing? Contact us. One of our colleagues will look at it with you.

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